Best 8 Hyperbaric Chambers for Home Use

Hyperbaric chamber designs have impressively improved and diversified over the years. So much so that you can now have a safe, comfortable, and effective hyperbaric chamber in your home and get treatments to rejuvenate you whenever you need them.

That said, while all hyperbaric chambers are based on the same mechanism, they differ in terms of size, portability, comfort, cost, and even the kind of hyperbaric experience that they can provide. Choosing the right brand and model for your home can, therefore, be a rather tricky shopping adventure.

On the hunt for some insightful ideas? Then come right along as we review some of the top options and help you find the best hyperbaric chamber for your home use.

1. OxygenArk 9 Series

OxygenArk 9 Series
OxygenArk 9 Series


The OxygenArk 9 Series monoplace hyperbaric chamber stands out for its superior craftsmanship and innovative design.

It has a hard shell interior with rounded edges. It is made of aluminum and has a PC glass entrance. These are great material choices because they keep the chamber light enough for only two people to move it. More importantly, it makes the chamber walls sturdy enough to withstand high pressure if you prefer fairly intense treatments.

The oil-free air compressor runs quietly and ensures that the serenity in your home is maintained during sessions. The setup process is also conveniently user-friendly as you only have to plug one tube to link the CCU with the chamber. The rest of the controls are easily accessible and adjustable using the touchscreen control panel.

The entrance is spacious and the chamber offers ample comfort to relax during your sessions. You will likely also appreciate its safety features such as the magnetic sensor that alerts you as to whether the entrance is fully locked before pressurization can begin. The maximum atmospheric pressure for this hyperbaric chamber is 1.5 ATA.

2. Oxygen Health HardShell Hyperbaric Chamber

Oxygen Health HardShell Hyperbaric Chamber
Oxygen Health HardShell Hyperbaric Chamber


This is a mono-place hyperbaric chamber with a maximum pressure capability of 1.5 ATA. The chamber comes with a CCU, cables, and an oxygen mask that you can use during your therapy session.

The chamber has adequate space for you to lie down in absolute comfort. It also has ambient lighting for relation and a grounding mat that helps reduce static during treatments. You can easily communicate the intercom provision and see what is going on around you through the see-through window in the chamber door.

The controls are quite easy to figure out. However, you will be pleased to know that this model has both internal and external control panels that make It easy to use the chamber when you are home alone. Other innovative safety features also make this hyperbaric ideal for home use, they include:

  • An emergency door release button in the chamber
  • An auto-prompt that slowly depressurizes the chamber if a power outage occurs
  • An emergency pressure relief valve that you can use to reduce pressure levels if you experience negative effects or other emergencies

3. Summit to Sea Dive Vertical Chamber

Summit to Sea Dive Vertical Chamber
Summit to Sea Dive Vertical Chamber


The Summit to Sea Dive hyperbaric chamber is worth considering if you are looking for a space-efficient model. Its vertical design has a more compact surface area and can easily fit in small rooms.

It is, nonetheless, quite comfortable and roomy enough given its 40-inch diameter and 85 inches in height. You can choose to stand during your session or add a chair to your purchase if you prefer to sit during your treatments.

The chamber has double-sided top-to-bottom zippers that you can unzip to access the chamber. The dual-fill valves gradually pump oxygen into the chamber and are also designed to maintain a consistent cool flow of air.

The redundant compressors make this Summit to Sea hyperbaric chamber model safer for home use as the whole system does not just rely on one compressor. This design approach is equally great for durability. Finally, to sweeten the deal even more, this brand throws in an antibacterial carpet to make your sessions completely healthy.




The Oxyflow 88 hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a soft shell design that measures 89 inches long, 39 inches, and 32 inches wide. It is a monoplace chamber that allows you to either sit or lie down during sessions and comes with an adjustable chair. Its generous dimensions ensure ample comfort for people of all heights.

The maximum pressure level is 1.3 and the oxygen generator supplies oxygen at a flow rate of 10 litres per minute. Worried about the uncomfortable humid feeling that can sometimes occur in a hyperbaric chamber? The dehumidifier in this model maintains dry conditions in the chamber for optimal comfort. It also has a grounding system to reduce static.

The controls are easy to learn and feature essential safety provisions. They include an emergency pressure relief button and two pressure relief valves.

5. Newtowne Portable Class 4 Mild Hyperbaric Chamber

Newtowne Portable Class 4 Mild Hyperbaric Chamber
Newtowne Portable Class 4 Mild Hyperbaric Chamber


The Newtowne portable mild hyperbaric chamber is made of hypoallergenic medical-grade nylon mounted on a steel frame. This makes it fairly lightweight but sturdy enough to withstand your weight.

You can enter the chamber either from the side or the top, depending on how you position it. It is a monoplace chamber and you can choose your preferred design from 4 variations. The length options range from 92 inches to 108 inches and you can also decide whether you prefer one or two view ports. The entry-level design comes with a thin mat while the other models come with a 4-inch mattress.

On safety, each of these hyperbaric chambers has dual safety zippers and a custom airtight zipper. They each also come with custom port pressure covers.

6. MC4500



The MC4500 is designed with wheelchair users in mind. It has a wide entryway to provide easy access and the interiors measure 36 inches in width and 84 inches in length.

The structure is a soft shell that is foldable and easily portable so you can take it along on vacations or pack and store it when it is not in use. It weighs only 55 kilograms and is a monoplace design.
The oxygen generator delivers 95-97% pure oxygen at 10 liters per minute at an atmospheric pressure of 1.3. The chamber comes with a dehumidifier and has redundant pressure gauges that keep airflow consistent.

In case of an emergency, you can use the emergency pressure relief button to quickly depressurize the chamber. You can also monitor pressure levels using the pressure gauge inside the chamber but there is one outside as well.

7. OXY AIR 32



The OXY AIR 32 offers the unique advantage of pre-installed air conditioning which most brands offer at an extra cost. So, if this is a priority for you then this model will certainly tick that box.
It is a monoplace chamber with a soft shell body. measuring 32 inches wide. This gives you adequate room to lie down and turn comfortably during your treatments.

The oxygen delivers 95-97% pure oxygen at a maximum of 1.4 atmospheric pressure levels. The emergency provisions include an in-chamber emergency pressure release button and medical-grade materials for high-grade safety. This is also one of the most extensively tested hyperbaric chambers in the market with high safety and durability indicators.

8. Oxygen Health Systems Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber

Oxygen Health Systems Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber
Oxygen Health Systems Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber


As we have seen on this list, most hyperbaric chambers for home use predominantly have monoplace designs. This model, however, takes a different route because it is a multiplace hyperbaric chamber that you can use alongside your partner or other family members at the same time. It can accommodate 4 people in a sitting position.

Oxygen Health provides two oxygen concentrators for each unit at no extra cost. They facilitate an oxygen flow of 10 LPM at a pressurization level of 1.3. The chamber also has:

  • An in-built air conditioning system
  • A filter to keep pollutants at bay in the chamber
  • Medical grade components

The internal controls allow you to monitor and manage the atmospheric conditions in the chamber. They include an emergency valve for safety.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hyperbaric Chamber for Home Use

As you evaluate and compare different hyperbaric chambers for home use, pay attention to details such as:

  • Pressurization levels

The pressurization level will determine how intense your hyperbaric oxygen therapies can be. Most models range between 1.3 to 1.5 ATA which is mild and safe enough for home use. The higher the rating the more the pressure.

  • Oxygen concentration and flow

Aim for a hyperbaric chamber with a high concentration of pure oxygen and a consistent flow to get the most out of your HBOT sessions.

  • Comfort

Examine the interior dimensions to learn whether you will be comfortable enough during your sessions. Be sure to also choose the right design based on whether you prefer to sit or lie down during treatment. Features like grounding, dehumidification, and pollutant features are equally quite beneficial.

In Conclusion

This list goes to show that you can find a hyperbaric chamber for home use to suit different preferences. You only need to identify your needs and a brand that can match them. You can also explore top brands like OxgenArk that provide customization options if you have unique needs.

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