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Oxygen Ark Hyperbaric chambers are designed, manufactured, distributed, fitted, and serviced for both personal and business use, with the finest quality and performance.

Who we are

The Manufacturer of Hyperbaric Chambers

In the past decade, Oxygen Ark Oxygenark.com has supplied soft hyperbaric chambers that are extremely safe and achieve 1.4 ATA pressures, making them the best choice for professional athletes, hyperbaric clinics, and at-home patients. This experience let us use the healing properties of oxygen under pressure to assist people in achieving their health goals.

China-based Hyperbaric Chamber Factory

Our Solutions

Find the best hyperbaric chamber solution for your needs.

Oxygen Ark can tailor the hyperbaric chamber to your specific requirements, making it ideal for your company!

Hyperbaric Chambers, Monoplace and Multiplace

Used to administer hyperbaric oxygen therapy to a single person.

Hyperbaric Chambers for Pet

Used to aid in the recovery of pets after surgery or injury. It is portable and simple...

Tested, Trusted & Dedicated

Trusted by the most data-driven sports organizations, athletes, and business leaders worldwide, Oxygen Ark Hyperbaric chambers are created, delivered, installed, and maintained in accordance with quality management standards.
Why Choose us

Oxygen Ark is pioneering in the industry.

We have professional teams and expertise from R&D to manufacturing. Advanced management and standardized process make our products lead the industry.

Strictest material safety criteria

Our electronics pass RoHS (10 hazardous materials test); Our chamber passes REACH test regulated by European Chemicals Agency (233 SVHCs), conforming to clinical study requirements.

Orthodox and practical

We engineer a hyperbaric chamber portable, beautiful, and comfortable for our chamber users, with easy to operate the hyperbaric chamber easier for you.

Easy to install and use

Our products are well-designed, and one integrated pipe makes chamber setup super easy, you just set the time on the touchscreen control panel and you are ready to go!

24/7 Premium Support

Customer experience is our top priority, and friendly and caring technical help is available around-the-clock.

Your OEM ODM Hyperbaric Chamber Expert

Oxygen Ark provides OEM/ODM Hyperbaric chamber service to you based on knowledge, experience, and R&D capabilities. On your behalf, our engineer could create a customized design using client-owned intellectual property.

You will stand out from the competition with your private label selling thanks to our high-quality hyperbaric chamber, helping people reach health objectives using the therapeutic powers of oxygen under pressure.

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Customer Case Study
Check below customer cases to see how we help our customers achieve their business goals.

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We keep an open line of communication with our client and their experience has always been the main focus in research and development.
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