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Discover a new realm of wellness with Oxygenark’s hyperbaric chambers. Impeccable design, quality manufacturing, and outstanding service – all tailored for you.

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Pioneers in Hyperbaric Chamber Manufacturing

Over the past decade, Oxygenark has been the trusted supplier of supremely safe, soft hyperbaric chambers, capable of reaching 1.4 ATA pressures. This makes us the favored choice among professional athletes, hyperbaric clinics, and home-based patients. Leveraging the therapeutic qualities of pressurized oxygen, we’ve successfully helped individuals meet and exceed their health objectives

Our Solutions

Discover Your Ideal Hyperbaric Chamber Solution with OxygenArk

At Oxygenark, we specialize in customizing hyperbaric chambers to meet your unique needs, delivering the perfect blend of functionality and quality for your enterprise.

Hyperbaric Chambers, Monoplace and Multiplace

Used to administer hyperbaric oxygen therapy to a single person.

Hyperbaric Chambers for Pet

Used to aid in the recovery of pets after surgery or injury. It is portable and simple...

Tested, Trusted & Dedicated

Trusted by the most data-driven sports organizations, athletes, and business leaders worldwide, Oxygen Ark Hyperbaric chambers are created, delivered, installed, and maintained in accordance with quality management standards.
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Why Choose Oxygen ark

Harnessing Innovation in Hyperbaric Wellness

With a team of seasoned professionals and an innovative spirit, Oxygenark delivers expertise from R&D to manufacturing. Our commitment to cutting-edge practices puts us in the industry vanguard, defining new standards in the hyperbaric field.

Safety First

RoHS (10 hazardous materials test) compliant electronics and REACH-tested chambers demonstrate our uncompromising commitment to safety. We adhere to the highest standards, meeting all clinical study requirements

Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Our hyperbaric chambers fuse traditional design with practical needs, resulting in portable, beautiful, and user-friendly units. With Oxygen Ark, ease of operation is never compromised.

Quick Setup, Easy Use

Our products are intuitively designed for effortless setup, featuring an integrated pipe system and user-friendly touchscreen control panel. Get ready to dive into wellness with just a few clicks!

Always There, Always Caring

At Oxygenark, your experience is our priority. Our dedicated support team (24/7 Support) is available around the clock, providing warm, attentive assistance whenever needed.

OEM/ODM Service

Shaping Hyperbaric Excellence with Custom Solutions

Oxygenark marries seasoned expertise with innovative design, offering standout OEM/ODM hyperbaric chamber services. We equip your brand with a distinct edge, assisting users to achieve wellness goals through the therapeutic essence of oxygen.

Shaping Success
Our Customers' Hyperbaric Journeys

Discover the real-life impact of our tailored solutions through our customers’ thriving businesses.

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We believe in the power of communication and continually place our clients at the heart of our innovation. Their experiences fuel our research and development efforts.

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