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Letter From Founder

Founder of Oxygenark - George

Meet George, the dynamic force propelling two leading wellness brands – OxygenArk and Yanre Fitness.

Greetings from the Oxygenark family!
We are overjoyed to welcome you to our world of health and well-being, where innovation meets the incredible power of oxygen. Our journey began with a dream to create state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers that would cater to sports enthusiasts, wellness centers, and those seeking enhanced recovery.Inspired by oxygen’s life-giving essence and the symbolic protection of an ark, Oxygenark was born.
Our Oxygenark chambers exemplify the beauty of simplicity, expertly designed for easy operation with just a few connections between the chamber and the Central Control Unit (CCU), making it more accessible to users of all experience levels.
And that’s not all—our hardshell series goes the extra mile, featuring a lightweight design that makes moving and setting up a breeze. This portability not only contributes to the user-friendly nature of the product but also allows for greater flexibility in its use, ensuring that Oxygenark’s hyperbaric chambers can be conveniently incorporated into various settings, from homes to gyms and wellness centers.
It’s this perfect harmony of creativity and heartfelt commitment that fills us with immense pride and happiness.
As we continue to grow and evolve, we’re excited to share our progress with you through our online presence, showcasing the unique advantages of our hyperbaric chambers. Our passion for health and well-being is the driving force behind every aspect of our work, and we’re eager to connect with you on this journey.
For the love and enthusiasm of promoting a healthier and more vibrant future, we look forward to sharing our story and making a difference together. With Oxygenark, you’ll experience the ease, convenience, and transformative power of oxygen therapy like never before. Let’s embark on this exciting path, hand in hand, to create a better, brighter tomorrow.
With warmest regards,
The Oxygenark Team
Bridging Peaks and Valleys

A New Chapter in Performance and Compassion

Parallel to supporting the mountaineering team, we’re devoting our resources to local schools, aiming to inspire young minds and foster a culture of learning and curiosity. Our hyperbaric chambers will serve as unique educational tools, introducing children to the wonders of science and the intricacies of the human body’s response to varied atmospheric pressures. The chambers will provide a unique learning experience for children, giving them a chance to understand science in a new and exciting way.
Join us on this journey as we continue to explore the potential of our hyperbaric chambers and strive to impact lives positively. Together, we can reach new heights and make a positive impact on the world around us!
At Oxygenark, we’ve always been at the forefront of innovation, exploring new ways to harness the potential of our non-medical hyperbaric chambers.
We are teaming up with the brave climbers of the Nepalese Mountaineering Team. Our hyperbaric chambers can help them get ready for the high altitudes they will face during their climbs. The chambers work by making the air pressure inside them similar to what you would experience at sea level. This can help the team members prepare their bodies, making their training safer and more effective. We’re thrilled to be supporting the Nepalese Mountaineering Team in their pursuit of excellence.