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Oxygen Ark hyperbaric chambers from China use the best materials and craftsmanship to protect your health lifetime.

What we offer

User-friendly Hyperbaric Chambers

Premium portable hyperbaric chambers that are safe and effective for therapeutic, wellness, and athletic recovery purposes.
Why Choose us

Why Choose Our Hyperbaric Chambers

Lifetime Warranty

Stand behind Oxygen Ark hyperbaric chamber because it is with the best components and highest standards.

Low Maintenance

Hyperbaric chambers are inexpensive to operate and maintain (air filter replacement only).

Smart Technology

Our technology met the highest requirements for clinical research due to its high caliber, dependability, and stellar reputation in the hyperbaric device business.

Certified Expert

For more than 21 Years, the flexible hyperbaric chambers business has been setting the standards. We have every confidence that using our hyperbaric technology will far surpass your greatest hopes.

Always Safe

Evolved into a crucial component of the lives of numerous top athletes, household users, and wellness facilities, based on innovation, goodwill, dedication, and integrity.

24/7 Premium Support

We provide ongoing training and assistance to help you build your knowledge foundation.

9+ years of manufacturing experience

Oxygen Ark has been developing, producing, and distributing high-end portable hyperbaric chamber systems globally for more than 9 years. We have a strong belief that using our hyperbaric chamber technology will far surpass your highest hopes.

Easy to transport

One of the inflatable hyperbaric chambers that are the lightest and easiest to carry available.

Best friend for life

We are the only company on the market to offer a Lifetime Warranty, for both personal and commercial use.

Simple to install

Anyone can install and disassemble, all the pieces are modular and you don’t need any special tools.

Simple to use

The chamber can be inflated and operated without assistance, all outside controls are mirrored on the inside.

Your OEM ODM Hyperbaric Chamber Expert

Oxygen Ark provides OEM/ODM Hyperbaric chamber service to you based on knowledge, experience, and R&D capabilities. On your behalf, our engineer could create a customized design using client-owned intellectual property.

You will stand out from the competition with your private label selling thanks to our high-quality hyperbaric chamber, helping people reach health objectives using the therapeutic powers of oxygen under pressure.

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