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Oxygen Ark Hyperbaric chambers are designed, manufactured, distributed, fitted, and serviced for both personal and business use, with the finest quality and performance.

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What we offer

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers

Please contact us if you’re seeking for anything unique that isn’t yet available on our website. OEM service avails.

Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber 3 Series

1-person lying type hyperbaric chamber with 32" diameter.

Portable Hyperbaric Chamber 5 Series

2-person sitting type hyperbaric chamber with 55'' width.

Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber 7 Series

6-person sitting type hyperbaric chamber.

Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chamber 9 Series

Hard-sided lying type HC with 28'' diameter. Super lightweight aluminum shell.


Tested, Trusted & Dedicated

Trusted by the most data-driven sports organizations, athletes, and business leaders worldwide, Oxygen Ark Hyperbaric chambers are created, delivered, installed, and maintained in accordance with quality management standards.
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Your OEM ODM Hyperbaric Chamber Expert

Oxygen Ark provides OEM/ODM Hyperbaric chamber service to you based on knowledge, experience, and R&D capabilities. On your behalf, our engineer could create a customized design using client-owned intellectual property.

You will stand out from the competition with your private label selling thanks to our high-quality hyperbaric chamber, helping people reach health objectives using the therapeutic powers of oxygen under pressure.

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We keep an open line of communication with our client and their experience has always been the main focus in research and development.
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Oxygenark.com is the top hyperbaric oxygen chamber manufacturer in China, let’s take your business to next level.
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